Halloween 2019 will be remembered as a day in history, for it was the day that My Chemical Romance announced that they would be reuniting after an eight-year hiatus and yes, they would be playing some live shows.

Since then, emo lovers everywhere have been delving back into their favourite records and pulling on their skinny jeans in preparation. To keep your cold, black hearts going while you wait, we’ve pulled together a list of all the emo, pop-punk and metalcore bands touring soon that’ll have you growing your fringe back quicker than you can say “The Black Parade”.

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Neck Deep

When Neck Deep rode in on the wave of pop-punk with 2014’s Wishful Thinking, it was obvious they weren’t just ANOTHER band and critics noticed. Whether it was because of the success of their debut album, the fact that they were put on that years’ line-up for Warped Tour or a culmination of it all, Neck Deep decided to make what had been a side hustle up until that point, a full time career. From there, they released two more albums, featured on various pop-punk compilations, supported names like Bring Me The Horizon and A Day To Remember and will soon undertake a number of the biggest shows they’ve played to date as they support their brand new record, All Distortions Are Intentional.

O2 Victoria Warehouse: Sat 12 Sep Buy Tickets

O2 Victoria Warehouse: Sun 13 Sep Buy Tickets

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Asking Alexandria

When Danny Worsnop announced his split from Asking Alexandria back in 2015, long-time fans around the world questioned what that meant for the band’s future. The Yorkshire five-piece – who’s debut 2009 album, Stand Up And Scream, is still a metalcore favourite - recruited vocalist, Denis Stoff, not knowing that it would only be temporary before the band would reunite with Worsnop in 2017. With the latter now back at the helm, they’re steering the ship into a new, exciting era of the band; releasing their brand-new studio album, Like a House on Fire and supporting it with an electric live tour.

O2 Academy Birmingham: Wednesday 21 October Buy Tickets

O2 Forum Kentish Town: Friday 23 October Buy Tickets

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Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World first made an appearance on the emo circuit back in 1993 with bleeding hearts on their sleeve, but like many other basement bands at the time, their debut self-titled album didn’t really hit. Neither did their second or third for that matter, but when they were just about ready to give up, they released their fourth, seminal album, Bleed American, to critical acclaim. Since then they’ve been rock powerhouses and are responsible for helping the emo movement hit the mainstream, cracking the Top 10 on multiple occasions. Bringing their flawless live show to the UK this summer, they’ll charge through their arsenal of certified hits from across their phenomenal back catalogue.

O2 Academy Brixton: Wednesday 8 July Buy Tickets

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Creeper might be known for their theatrics – who could forget Room 309 – but their creative approach to not only their live shows, but their music and the band as a whole has created a cult following whilst also earning them global praise. After laying down their jackets as a farewell in 2018, the band returned under the moniker Fugitives of Heaven a year later. Seemingly having pulled a Bowie and only ending The Callous Heart era, they’re back with a new album, Sex, Death & The Infinite Void, with live shows to follow.

O2 Institute Birmingham: Wednesday 19 August* Buy Tickets

*This show is sold out but re-sale tickets may be available through our official ticketing partner, Ticketmaster.

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Set It Off

If you’re someone who likes their music laced with riffs whilst still making you dance, then make sure you catch Set It Off when they come to town. Fusing heavy guitar grooves with pop elements and electronic undertones, they’ve carved out their own sound and can now be found selling out venues across the globe with their bold, theatrical performances. Latest album, Midnight, is the perfect addition to their ever-growing catalogue of feel-good records, though at times darker, it continues to break the rules of rock music and flaunts Set It Off as gamechangers within the scene.

O2 Institute Birmingham: Thursday 27 August Buy Tickets

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Boston Manor

Whether Welcome to the Neighbourhood was your album of the week, month or year in 2018 is between you and Boston Manor, but the fact that it’s a phenomenal record is undeniable – and it wasn’t their first either. Their 2016 debut, Be Nothing, was loaded with quintessential emo anthems and heartfelt lyrics and now, with their third album, Glue, on the horizon, we can’t wait to see what’s hidden within it. Having already released ‘Liquid’, featuring guest vocals from the very talented Trophy Eyes frontman, John Floreani, it certainly looks as though they’re going three for three. Experience it for yourself when Boston Manor take to the stage.

O2 Institute Birmingham: Saturday 8 August Buy Tickets

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I Prevail

If there’s one band that knows the definition of hard work, it’s I Prevail. The metalcore band have grafted for five years and by the looks of things, it’s all starting to pay off. After charging into the scene in 2016 with their ferocious debut, Lifelines, they became one of the biggest selling hard rock bands of the decade, following it up with their phenomenal sophomore record, Trauma, in 2019. Despite a vocal injury from Brian Burkheiser that nearly ended his career, they’ve powered through and delivered one of the most eye-opening and honest albums of the year, and now you get to see it live.

O2 Institute Birmingham: Sunday 9 August* Buy Tickets

O2 Academy Bristol: Thursday 27 August Buy Tickets

O2 Forum Kentish Town: Monday 7 September* Buy Tickets

*This show is sold out but re-sale tickets may be available through our official ticketing partner, Ticketmaster.

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Twin Atlantic

Twin Atlantic have been a staple of the British alternative music scene since their arrival in 2009. Four albums later and they’ve successfully toured across multiple continents, become a favourite at festivals and had their song ‘Free’ used in the 2012 record-breaking freefall jump from space. Now, after a three-year wait, the band are back with their scorching fifth full-length, POWER, and an intimate set of live dates to showcase their adrenaline-fuelled new songs at.

O2 Academy Leicester: Monday 12 October Buy Tickets

O2 Academy Oxford: Thursday 15 October Buy Tickets

The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth: Sun 18 Oct Buy Tickets

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Yungblud has become one of 2019’s most unstoppable acts, selling out venues worldwide, dominating festival stages and causing chaos on the streets of London with his surprise appearances. The young punk has been charging forward since the release of his debut album, 21st Century Liability, last year, and it doesn’t look like things are going to slow down anytime soon. Shouting in the faces of anyone that dares to frown upon the younger generations, he’s a loud-mouthed voice of the people and he’s only going to be making more noise in the year to come.

O2 Forum Kentish Town: Tuesday 26 May* Buy Tickets

O2 Forum Kentish Town: Wednesday 27 May* Buy Tickets

O2 Forum Kentish Town: Thursday 28 May* Buy Tickets

O2 Forum Kentish Town: Wednesday 3 June Buy Tickets

O2 Forum Kentish Town: Thursday 4 June Buy Tickets

*This show is sold out but re-sale tickets may be available through our official ticketing partner, Ticketmaster.

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Black Parade

Since their reunion (which still doesn’t feel real) My Chemical Romance have pencilled in dates across the globe, including three nights in Milton Keynes to celebrate their first live shows in a decade. Having never given up hope, Black Parade continues to commemorate the beaten and the damned alongside other eye-lined icons like Taking Back Sunday, Paramore and Fall Out Boy as they blast those noughties emo anthems into the early morning hours. Now’s the time to dig out that gothic military jacket you bought from EMP and sing to your heart’s content. Over 18s only

Arts Club, Liverpool: Saturday 27 June Buy Tickets

O2 Academy Leeds: Friday 31 July Buy Tickets

O2 Academy Oxford: Friday 9 October Buy Tickets

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Fell Out Boy + The Black Charade

The thing is, we don’t know if My Chemical Romance will be playing shows in the UK any time soon, if at all. However, to keep us occupied while we wait for the news, we’ve got The Black Charade filling the void in our hearts. Teaming up with fellow emo-tribute act, Fell Out Boy, for a UK-wide tour, they’re giving us all the opportunity to scream our favourite My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy anthems at the top of our lungs, so dig out your finest black clothes and start warming up your vocals, because this is going to be an emo night made in heaven.

O2 Academy Islington: Friday 18 September Buy Tickets

O2 Academy Sheffield: Friday 27 November Buy Tickets

O2 Academy Leicester: Friday 11 December Buy Tickets

O2 Academy Newcastle: Wednesday 23 December Buy Tickets

O2 Academy Oxford: Saturday 20 February Buy Tickets

O2 Academy Birmingham: Friday 26 February Buy Tickets

O2 Academy Liverpool: Saturday 27 February Buy Tickets