Brian & Roger

Over 16s only

Podcast Stop - a brand new Podcast Festival for London - will see some of the UK’s most listened to podcasts take the stage.

Brian and Roger are two friends who met at a support group for recently divorced men. Roger was attending because he was genuinely grieving the loss of his marriage whilst Brian was there on the advice of his solicitor to help him pay less alimony.  Roger is in financial dire straits and desperate to get back with his wife Claire whilst Brian is obsessed with building the ‘Silk Route Autobahn’. A motorway, running from Beijing to Western Europe, that will net him billions. He currently has no investors.  Each episode unfolds as a series of voicemails they leave for each other.

Curfew 4.30pm


O2 Forum Kentish Town


Saturday 13 February 2021 - 1.00pm

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