• Saturday 9 December 2017 - 7.00pm


    It’s been seven years since the release of the band’s international breakthrough single Wonderful Life and their debut album Happiness.

  • Saturday 8 December 2018 - 6.30pm

    The Australian Pink Floyd Show: 'Time' 30 Years Of Celebrating Pink Floyd

    Selling 5 million tickets worldwide and described by The Times as “The Gold Standard” and The Daily Mirror as “The Kings of the Genre”, The Australian Pink Floyd Show gave its first ever concert in Adelaide, Australia in 1988.

  • Sunday 26 November 2017 - 7.00pm

    Status Quo: Plugged In - Live and Rockin'!

    If the term ‘Status Quo’ can be defined as representing ‘the existing state of affairs’ then maybe the band, despite being known for 50 years for their no-nonsense winning formula, need a name change.

  • Sunday 3 December 2017 - 6.30pm

    Chris Rea

    Like all truly great artists, Chris Rea has followed his own unique artistic vision and a path that is his and his alone.

  • Saturday 10 February 2018 - 7.00pm

    The Mavericks

    The genre-defying Mavericks are declaring their independence and stepping out on their own with Brand New Day, the first studio album released on Mono Mundo Recordings, the label they founded in 2016.

  • Friday 30 November 2018 - 7.00pm

    Ross Noble: El Hablador

    Who is El Hablador? It’s Ross Noble.

  • Sunday 27 May 2018 - 7.00pm

    Sarah Millican: Control Enthusiast

    Sarah Millican is not a control freak, she's a control enthusiast. She even controls her own insults, see?
    Do you arrange the nights out? Are you in charge of passports on holiday? Then so are you!

  • Wednesday 20 December 2017 - 6.30pm

    The Bootleg Beatles

    The world’s most famous Beatles Tribute band continues to draw critical acclaim from across the globe with their stunning recreation of  the greatest songbook of all time.

  • Saturday 6 January 2018 - 7.00pm

    The Hunna

    Following critical acclaim since their launch in 2015, the band have sold 45,000 tickets in the UK, sold-out shows in London, New York, Los Angeles and Paris, and received countless BBC Radio 1, Spotify and Apple Music playlist additions.

  • Wednesday 11 April 2018 - 6.30pm

    Roy Orbison: In Dreams - The Hologram UK Tour - Live On Stage

    After years of speculation and rumour, audiences around the world will soon be able to witness a true music legend coming back to life before their eyes.

  • Friday 16 February 2018 - 6.30pm

    Wild Beasts

    The Final Shows

    plus special guests

    Moved from Albert Hall Manchester - original bookings valid

  • Friday 7 December 2018 - 7.00pm

    To Be Here Someday - The 30th Anniversary Tour: Deacon Blue

    The last 5 years have been something of a renaissance for the band, and a prolific surge of creativity that has spawned three new albums released in quick succession, including 2016’s studio album ‘Believers’, which became their highest charting album

  • Saturday 31 March 2018 - 7.00pm

    The Stranglers

    One of the UK’s most exciting, credible and influential British groups, The Stranglers are riding high on the crest of a resurgent wave of popularity.

  • Thursday 25 January 2018 - 7.00pm

    Jim Jefferies: The Unusual Punishment Tour

    Jim Jefferies is one of the most popular and respected comedians of his generation, entertaining audiences across the globe with his controversial, belief-challenging, and thought-provoking comedy.

  • Monday 23 July 2018 - 7.30pm

    Blame It On Bianca Del Rio

    She's back! After a sold out UK tour in 2017, RuPaul's Drag Race alumni and international hateful clown in a gown, Bianca Del Rio returns to the UK with her brand new show.


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