An Interview With: Tom Grennan

Posted: Monday 20 August 2018

Riding high off the release of his debut album, Lighting Matches, we caught up with pop's favourite new man, Tom Grennan to discuss the album in detail and find out more about that World Record.

It’s been a busy festival season for you hasn’t it? Have you got any highlights?

All of them have been pretty sick, all of them have been wicked.

Any standout sets for you?

Isle Of Wight was amazing, but all of them were pretty standout.

You did the World Record Attempt as well, how did that happen? Why did you decide to do it?

We wanted to do something fun, we wanted to do something while the album was out and do something fun with it, so we thought… f**k it.

Why not break a World Record eh? There were some interesting venues on the list, were they all busy?

Yeah they were all pretty busy! It was good.

If you had to break any other World Record, what would you want it to be?

I don’t know, I’ve done one, I’m not going to be greedy.

And obviously, Top 5 album, congratulations! Has it sunk in yet?

No not really, not yet. I’ve been on a high really, so it’s been amazing, everything is going really good.

Everything is going pretty well for you at the moment! Are there any songs on the album you’re particularly proud of?

Yeah, ‘Little By Little Love’ I’m really, really proud of, but the whole album I’m well proud of.

When you were writing and recording the album, did you have any dreams for the album? Is there anything in particular you want your fans to take from the album?

I’m just glad it’s out there and people can absorb it, take it in and feel the album for themselves. It’s an album that I’m really, really proud of and now it’s out in the world for people to have, to cherish and to make their own.

What were your biggest musical influences when you were writing it?

I wanted to do a classic album, I wanted it to be an album that if you put it on in 50 years time, it still sounds amazing.

We think you nailed it.

I hope so!

You’ve already ticked off quite a few bucket list items, is there anything else you’d really love to achieve or do?

I want to do arenas; I want to hopefully one day do stadiums, I’m going for the stars mate!

Well that’s a good place to aim for. You’ve got your biggest headline tour to date coming up as well, how are you preparing for it? Have you got big plans? Any surprises?

Because of the festivals, I haven’t really thought about it too much yet, but there will definitely be some surprises yeah.

The last time you were on the O2 Academy Brixton stage was when you came on and performed with Chase & Status and now you’re headlining it almost exactly a year later, is it weird looking back at everything you’ve done in that time?

Yeah definitely. I can’t wait. It’s an iconic venue; it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do and to actually be doing it is crazy.

It’s going to be a special night! Are you going to go big?

Oh yeah I’m going to go big.

Nice. What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

Just do what you gotta do. Do you. Don’t try to be anyone else but you and make the music that you want to make and always believe that it’s good. If you think it’s good, people are going to think it’s good as well.

Good advice. Finally then, if people haven’t listened to your album yet, why should they?

Because it’s an album that will make you happy, make you tearful, it’s an album that you can put in your car, you can put it in your living room, you can, I don’t know, pull a girl with it, pull a boy with it. If you like it, you like it. 

Want to catch the man in action? Here's where he's heading:

O2 Academy Bristol: Sunday 14 October  SOLD OUT

O2 Academy Brixton: Tuesday 16 October  SOLD OUT

O2 Academy Oxford: Thursday 18 October  SOLD OUT

O2 Academy Leicester: Friday 19 October  SOLD OUT

O2 Academy Liverpool: Saturday 20 October   SOLD OUT

O2 Academy Birmingham: Tuesday 23 October  Buy Tickets

O2 Academy Sheffield: Wednesday 24 October  Buy Tickets

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