An Interview With: Sum 41

Posted: Tuesday 4 June 2019

Sum 41 have been an iconic mainstay in the pop-punk and rock world for nearly 25 years and now they’re back with fiery new record, Order In Decline and a UK tour to go with it. Before they hit our venues, we caught up with frontman, Deryck Whibley, to get the lowdown on his most personal songs to date.

The countdown is now on for your return to the UK! How are you going to switch up your set from the festivals you’re playing around the headline shows?

We wanted to do some smaller, more intimate venues on this run before our album comes out, so we’re going to play some songs that we don’t normally play, some songs we’ve never really played before and of course some songs that everyone knows as well.

Your new album, Order In Decline, is released a few weeks after the tour, so will fans get a sneak peek of the new material live? Or are you keeping it under wraps?

A little bit yes. We’re going to play a couple of new songs, as well as the old ones.

You’ve toured a lot in the UK over the years, are there any cities in particular that you love returning to?

We don’t have favourites really. Both Dave (lead guitarist) and I have family and friends in the UK, so that can make certain shows a little special. Mine are more around London and Dave’s are up north. Other than that, we like playing all over the UK

Let’s talk about the new album then, it’s said to be your most aggressive to date. Was this intentional?

Nothing is ever really intentional, other than we like being a guitar rock band and the only conscious thing we did is NOT make a pop album.

Did you find the subjects you were writing about were the fuel for all that aggression?

Yeah, I wasn’t trying to make a political record at all, but it was also hard to see what was going on with all the chaos, division and hatred and not have an opinion. I felt like I was making a personal record, but when it was done it became more of a personal protest record.

How did you want this record to move on from 13 Voices? Did you have set ideas of what you did and didn’t want to do?

Not really. I didn’t really think about 13 Voices much when we started this one. I look at every record as its own thing.

What are the biggest messages that you want fans to take away from this album?

That we love what we do and who we are, and we just want to play loud aggressive rock music.

Do you have any standout favourite tracks yet?

Not necessarily. But, I guess if I had to pick one, I’m really liking 'Out For Blood'.

Songs like ‘Fat Lip’ and ‘In Too Deep’ have become huge classics in the pop-punk world, how do you feel about those songs now?

It’s something I never imagined would happen when they were written. I’m genuinely surprised that this many years later people still like some of the old songs in that way.

What’s the best thing about being in Sum 41?

Doing what we love to do. Hands down.

And finally, then, what would you still like to achieve as a band? Is there anything left on your bucket list?

Absolutely. More! More! More!

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