An Interview With: Jeff Goldblum

Posted: Tuesday 18 June 2019

You probably know Jeff Goldblum from his appearances in Jurassic Park, Independence Day and The Grand Budapest Hotel, but did you know he’s also a keen jazz musician?

Releasing his debut album last year, Jeff is making his way to London for a very special live show, so we caught up for a quick chat with the man himself to talk about his burgeoning music career.

You’re a Hollywood star, international sex symbol and a fantastic Jazz pianist, Jeff Goldblum – is there anything you can’t do?

Oh my gosh, your flattery is overfilled, like a dirigible. Hey, I know something that I CAN do - wiggle one ear at a time.

Great, just another thing to add to your list of talents! With less than a month now until your headline show at O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, how are you feeling about it?

I’m overcome with a Cobb salad of emotions - ecstasy, wonderment, gratitude, so many more, I live more in 10 minutes than most people do in an entire lifetime, it’s a double-edged sword, a blessing and a curse.

Hopefully more of a blessing than a curse. You’re playing two sets on the night, what can fans expect from each one? Are they going to be quite varied?

Varied is the word, in fact, it’ll be an adventure to uncharted, exotic lands, I’m like Magellan, or Lewis and Clark, or the monkey who went up in space.

You're painting quite the picture! Alongside your live band, could we expect to see any special guests?

Yes, special guests, but it’s a surprise - shhhh.

OK, we don't want to ruin it! How about performing live, do you feel at home performing on the stage? How does it compare to being on film?

Both onstage and on film, it feels very much like being at my own home - having just slipped into a warm bubble bath.

Ah, and who doesn't love a bubble bath. So, what is it that you hope people will take away from your live shows?

Everything they came with - check your seats for cell phones, keys, etc.

Very solid advice. Thinking about your career, why did now feel like the right time to pursue your love of music?

Because it’s the dawning of the age of Aquarius (by the way, astrology is baloney).

Haha, a Hair musical cover in jazz would be excellent though. Has jazz always been your favourite genre? Who have been your greatest inspirations for making music?

I’ve always adored jazz. Thelonious Monk, Charlie Ocean, River Joe, and Emilie Goldblum.

If you could collaborate with any musician, who would it be?

President Obama - good singer.

Oops, that's the special guest out the bag! JOKING! Your album, recorded at The Capitol Studios Sessions, live – why was that?

Spectacular building, live - because of a lucky confluence of elements (long story).

Oh ok, time is precious. Have you got plans to make more albums in the future? How about scoring a movie soundtrack, is that something you could see yourself doing?

I’ve got grand plans for the future. Secret plans.

So many secrets! Finally, what’s next for you? Is music going to be your focus for the time being or are there any other projects you’d like to turn your hand to?

I’m in THE MOUNTAIN, a film being released this summer. And I’m shooting THE WORLD ACCORDING TO JEFF GOLDBLUM, a series.

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