The Pogues Irish Whiskey Presents: A Shot at Discovery

Bottling the spirit of the UK’s best new music

Are you in the best developing rock band in the UK? This is your shot at discovery and the chance to play your local O2 Academy in our venue heats. With regional winners advancing to the final at O2 Academy Islington in London where they will get to showcase in front of music industry professionals. All bands will be expected to play a 25 minute set of original material.

The Pogues Irish Whiskey and Academy Events will provide the winning band the ultimate artist development package:

· £3k towards new instruments

· Studio time to record an EP with members of the legendary band, The Pogues, to guest produce 

· Live performance opportunities through the O2 Academy venue estate nationwide, thanks to Academy Events

· Management services from Brontone Management (Muse, The Pogues, Pulled Apart By Horses) to help forward the winning bands' career

And this is just the beginning… The Pogues Whiskey & Academy Events will continue to nurture and develop the winning band over the next 12 months.

The Pogues Irish Whiskey - bottling the spirit of the best new music in the UK. Be The Stuff Of Legends!


Your heat finalists have been announced!

The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth (Sunday 5 March, 7pm)
• Endea
• Towers
• DD Allen
• Soulhole
• Sirpico
• Romeo & What’s Her Face
• Jawbone

O2 Academy Bristol (Monday 6 March, 7pm)
• Constance
• Cosmic Ninja
• IDestory
• Syren City
• The Belishas
• The Marks Cartel

O2 Academy 2 Oxford (Tuesday 7 March, 7pm)
• Peerless Pirates
• A Way With Words
• The Autumn Saints  
• Garden
• Who’s Alice

O2 ABC 2 Glasgow (Thursday 9 March, 6.30pm):
• Black Cat Bone
• Schnarff Schnarff
• The Violet Kind
• Thula Borah
• The Bar Dogs
• Real Life Entertainment
• Panic Anchor

O2 Academy 2 Sheffield (Saturday 11 March, 6.30pm)
• Graces
• Bayonet
• Sibroquet
• Lateskies
• Home Wrecked
• Steel Trees
• The Blewes

O2 Academy 2 Liverpool (Sunday 12 March, 7pm)
• Meet The Robots
• Rival Bones
• The Protagonists
• Mad Alice
• Big Bambora

O2 Academy 2 Birmingham (Monday 13 March, 7pm)
• The Borgais
• Speaking In Shadows
• Mr George’s Famous Last Words
• Big Ginger Kid
• Charles Dexter Ward and The Imagineers

The Scholar, Leicester (Tuesday 14 March, 7pm)
• Flip Like Wilson
• Go Primitive
• Jitterz
• Royal Arcade
• Stupid Boots
• The Brandy Thieves
• The Jangles

O2 Academy 2 Newcastle (Wednesday 15 March, 7pm)
• Edenthorn
• Better Days
• Enversa
• Hivemind
• Cactusman
• Many Moons
• Digits

O2 Academy Islington (Thursday 16 March, 7pm)
• Finding Kate
• Dead Man's Whiskey
• Bare Hunter  
• Fuzzwalker
• Toffees
• Cackle

Priority on sale starts: Wednesday 10th January

Full terms and conditions can still be found here.



About The Pogues Whiskey:



The audaciously Irish spirit from the famed Celtic punk band, The Pogues Irish Whiskey contains the legendary spirit and poetic rebelliousness of the band. Carefully crafted in small batches in handmade copper stills in Skibbereen, West Cork, the whiskey is triple-distilled and aged in bourbon oak casks for three years and a day. The Pogues Irish Whiskey has a warming aroma of malts and cracked nuts. Available at select bars across the UK and from online retailers.  

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