A Q&A with Gary Numan

Posted: Tuesday 19 September 2017

To coincide with the release of Gary Numan's latest album, Savage (Songs From a Broken World), on Friday 15 September he took to HMV 363, Oxford Street to celebrate with an album signing. O2 Academy went along to chat to the electronic pioneer about Savage, his upcoming seven-date O2 Academy tour and what a Gary Numan live show is really like.

First and foremost, congratulations on your twenty-first album. You took to social media on Friday to talk about how excited you were for the release of Savage, you must, therefore, be so pleased with how well your fans responded to the new record?

"The reaction to the new Savage album has been incredibly positive, from the fans and the media, and it's a huge relief to see it doing so well. My previous album 'Splinter' did very well, many reviews said it was the best thing I'd ever done, and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to match that, but it's been fantastic. Even better actually."

You’ll be stopping by at seven of our venues on your upcoming tour, including a performance at O2 Academy Brixton where you recorded a live album in 2000. How do you feel about not only coming back to Brixton, but also, so many of our other venues too? 

"I love O2 Academy Brixton, so it's a pleasure to be playing there again. I've had some amazing nights there watching bands from the audience so it will be good to be on the stage looking out for a change. It's a very iconic venue. I've played many of the other Academy venues and so I know them well and I enjoy playing them all."

As a pioneer of electronic and industrial music, what do you think of the current climate of the genre? Do you see new acts coming through the ranks who have a promising future?

"In all honesty I don't take much notice. I make music that has a strong electronic core running through it but I don't listen to music much at all, Electronic or otherwise, so I'm not that aware of what's going on. I do love Officers though, and Jayce Lewis. They are both new artists that I've toured with and could have a great future. The musical climate, in general, seems pretty healthy though. I'm certainly very happy with the way things are going."

Do you have a personal favourite track on Savage and can fans expect to hear it on tour? 

"Yes, definitely. My favourite song on the album is called 'My Name Is Ruin', which was the first single taken from it, and we will definitely play that at some point. Ruin has my daughter Persia singing on it, and she appeared in the video as well and will make an appearance at some of the shows on the tour. The full version of the album has twelve songs on it and we are preparing nine of them for the tour. We'll probably play at least five or six Savage songs each night."

Finally, what can new fans expect from a Gary Numan live show?

"It will probably be heavier and more aggressive than they expect. I don't talk, I don't introduce songs, it just starts and is a relentless sonic experience for the next hour and a half or so. It is not retro or nostalgic, nodding only slightly to anything I've done in the years before. The light show on the Savage tour is the biggest I've taken out in over 35 years so I'm excited about that."

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