New Music Blog: Yungblud

Posted: Monday 13 August 2018

With so many huge acts in and out of our doors, it’s easy to forget those that are out there, tirelessly working their way up to the top who deserve your attention. This week, we’re putting the spotlight on socially-conscious, genre-bending artist, YUNGBLUD.

For Fans Of: Jamie T, The Clash, RATBOY
Essential Listening: ‘Medication’, ‘I Love You, Will You Marry Me’

Back in the 80s we had the likes of The Sex Pistols and The Clash leading an angered generation through the world’s ups and downs and more recently artists such as Stormzy have been praised for being vocal about political and social changes – but, what if you combined the old and the new? Well, then you’d end up with YUNGBLUD.

Otherwise known as Dominic Harrison, YUNGBLUD is a one-man, multi-instrumental tour-de-force who’s bringing light to topics others would swiftly brush under the carpet. With wild hair, a loud mouth and a whole lot of life experience for a 21 year-old, he’s stomped all over the genre book and created a community with his music.

Taking the riled-up attitude of punk icon Johnny Rotten and influences that range from Bruce Springsteen to N.W.A, YUNGBLUD doesn’t quite fit into any scene, but then he doesn’t really want to fit in. Just take breakout single, ‘I Love You, Will You Marry Me’ – a song written about a tragic romance at a public housing project in South Yorkshire, but one that’s sung with a Jamie T-esque twang and a ska bounce. Then there’s ‘King Charles’, which opens with the line, “Stop being a twatty” and you can imagine the rest from there.

In what feels like no time at all, YUNGBLUD has gone from playing his local haunts to selling out headline slots all over the place, whilst also jumping on tours with rock’s elite. Performing everywhere, from Australia to the last ever Vans Warped Tour in America and at plenty of festivals in between, he always has a packed out crowd ready to cause carnage.

Debut album, 21st Century Liability has only heightened the incredible buzz surrounding him as well, with its straight-talking lyrics and horribly infectious choruses; it’ll have even the tamest of listeners shouting along to songs about drugs and gun culture. Then there’s the music videos that go alongside them… well, did you really expect anything normal?

YUNGBLUD has got people talking, that’s for sure. Whether it’s Zane Lowe on his Beats 1 show, the music press or the people he’s attacking in his music, he’s causing a stir and it’s having a direct influence on his fanbase. Nobody could have predicted that a scrappy young punk from Doncaster would become the outspoken voice of a generation, but that’s what’s happened and YUNGBLUD can stand tall knowing that he’s making a difference in more ways than one.

Don't just take our word for it though, YUNGBLUD is an artist you have to experience live, so grab your tickets now before they're all gone!

O2 Academy Birmingham: Wednesday 12 October SOLD OUT

O2 Academy Newcastle: Sunday 10 March Buy Tickets

O2 Institute Birmingham: Tuesday 12 March Buy Tickets

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