An Interview With: Puddles Pity Party

Posted: Tuesday 24 April 2018

Puddles Pity Party is the tall, white-faced sad clown with an astonishing voice. Covering everything from pop hits to rock classics, he's become a worldwide favourite on YouTube and his appearance on America's Got Talent was praised by many.

Ahead of his UK tour, we caught up with Puddles to talk about his live shows and his dream collaborations.

Hi Puddles! You have an incredible voice, how long have you been singing for?

I don’t remember not singing. My meemaw said that I came into this world singing a G4.

Have you always wanted to be a performer?

Nothing prepares a person to be a performer better than not knowing how to do anything else.

You cover a wide range of genres, do you have a favourite? Are some genres easier to transform than others?

I think of music and art in non-genre specific terms. If a tune speaks to me, I speak back. That being said, I love Mexican Banda.

You’ve already released a number of collaborations with Post Modern Jukebox, is there anyone else you’d love to collaborate with?

Oh sure. I love collaborating. David St. Hubbins (Spinal Tap) is a rock legend I’d love to work with. Penn Jillette and I have been threatening to do a song together. He’s a jazzer, ya know. And I’ve always wanted to crimp with Noel Fielding.

Will there ever be a Puddles Pity Party album? Or will you start releasing your own music at some point?

At some point, when I’m not so busy with touring, I look forward to doing a vinyl release. I have a few original tunes in my suitcase. Maybe I’ll dust them off one of these days.

How do you choose which songs to perform live?

I get loads of requests via social media, emails, letters, Trip Advisor. If the song fits in the arc of the show, I’ll give it a go. I like to weave the tunes together so that they take us on a little journey.

What can people expect from your tour?

Coffee, cake and fellowship. Sing-a-longs and all the feels. We are all in this together.

Finally, what does the future hold for Puddles Pity Party?

I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know this: To live for today and to love for tomorrow is the wisdom of a fool. Because tomorrow is promised to no one. And love is that wonderful thing the whole wide world needs plenty of.

If you want to experience a Puddles Pity Party show for yourself, then catch him perform at one of the following dates:

O2 Ritz Manchester: Tuesday 1 May - Buy Tickets

O2 Institute Birmingham: Wednesday 2 May - Buy Tickets

O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire: Thursday 3 May - Buy Tickets

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