An Interview With: DAF

Posted: Monday 15 October 2018

DAF (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) are the original trailblazers of the electropunk scene, and 40 years on from their formation, the band are returning to the UK for an exclusive performance at Black Celebration. Ahead of the show, we caught up with the band's percussionist and synth player, Robert Görl to talk eroticism and the possibility of a DAF musical.

It’s been 40 years since you first formed, what have been the key factors in keeping the friendship and band alive?

There is always a unique passion between us.

Have you noticed your influences and inspirations changing as you get older?

I think influences are mainly in the beginning, when you create something really new. This brings influence. Inspiration changes all the time, like your surroundings and new technology etc.

Much of your music has had an erotic tone to it, was this always intentional?

Yes, kind of. We always work pictorial and we like to play with images, not just on music. But I guess our music is quite sexy.

You’ve been called the godfathers of techno. What about your sound do you think people found so influential?

It was mainly that we created tracks and didn’t write songs in the old style. We made sequencer music, not guitar music and I think people really latched onto that.

You released a handful of new songs with the boxset last year, but could we expect another full new album anytime soon?

I cannot 100% say at the moment. It takes two to make it and nowadays Gabi and I live in different countries and we see each other rarely, only really for live shows. That makes it complicated to write a new album, but never say never.

What can fans expect from your Black Celebration performance?

We’ll play lots of our best tracks, songs from the very beginning up until the recent singles, ‘Der Mussolini’ and 'Die Sprache Der Liebe'.

If you could collaborate with any band on the Black Celebration line-up, who would it be?

The line-up is great. I would collaborate with anyone.

What does the future hold for DAF?

I think we are going to do a DAF musical!

DAF are playing their only UK show at Black Celebration this month, grab your tickets now!

O2 Forum Kentish Town: Sunday 28 October Buy Tickets

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