Around The Campfire

Posted: Tuesday 7 November 2017
The days are getting shorter, the nights are drawing in and all we want to do is go somewhere warm and cosy! Come and join us, as we go ‘around the campfire’ and introduce you to some of the finest...
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A Video Interview with Lucie Silvas

Posted: Thursday 2 November 2017
Our friends over at Ticketmaster sat down with Lucie Silvas to talk about writing her third studio album, Letters to Ghost , playing the hallowed Grand Ole Opry and touring with the talented Charlie...
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An Interview with Igorrr

Posted: Thursday 2 November 2017
Music is a discovery. In a search for musical creativity French musician Gautier Serre smashed the boundaries of typical genres and in the wake, death metal, trip-hop and the on-stage pseudonym ‘...
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October Highlights

Posted: Wednesday 1 November 2017
Another month has come and gone. Sigh. If it feels like time is moving too quickly and you can’t keep up, then we’ve at least got you covered on what went down this past month. Sit back, press play...
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New Music Blog: Lewis Capaldi

Posted: Monday 30 October 2017

With so many huge acts in and out of our doors, it’s easy to forget those that are out there, tirelessly working their way up to the top who deserve your attention. This month,...

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Six Bands Who Met at Uni

Posted: Thursday 19 October 2017

Ahhh, University. It could well be the best three years of your life. It’s your first chance at true independence, an opportunity to learn new things and further your career,...

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