Freshers Prep Kit 2017

Posted: Thursday 14 September 2017

It’s that time again… Freshers’ week is here. Get ready to stay up WAY past your bedtime, get lost in a strange new place (with strange new people) and make friends for life (or maybe just a week) as you dive straight into the wild ride that is university life. To help you prepare, O2 Academy are running a huge nationwide Freshers competition, and if that's not enough, we thought we'd help you pack with a little checklist. Tick off as you go.

1. Bottle Opener

Hey, has anyone got a bottle opener?” Now is your time to shine. The latest gadget in friend-making, you are prepared.

2. Door stop

Trust us. The first stop (pun intended) to making friends is by showing that your door is, quite literally, always open.

3. Ear plugs

5am halls fire alarms, because, as you’ll soon find, someone clearly ISN’T the Gordon Ramsay of toast. 

4. Party Map

A new town means new adventures, which technically also means getting lost. Luckily, you can just use this map to guide you to your weekly clubs – simply locate your local O2 Academy and check what’s going on!

5. Noodles

All the noodles you can imagine! Sure, it tastes as cheap as it is, but its possibilities are endless. Whip them up between lectures, after a long study session or when you waddle in at 4am after an epic night out. Noodles are the past, present and the future.

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With an endless amount of Fresher fayres, DJ sets and gigs to go to, your life as a social butterfly is just hatching. Click on any event above to find out more!

7. Fancy Dress

Like Freshers flu, fancy dress is inescapable. Don’t fight it, embrace it. Step">this way for Club De Fromage-style inspiration.

8. Your O2 Academy App

Wouldn’t it be handy to have all the best events, offers and merch at your fingertips? Well, you can. Download our O2 Academy app">">here.  

9. Cosy sports clothing

If you ever thought “hey, sure, I’m comfortable, but I just wish these old plain jogging bottoms had a university name written all over them…” oh worry no more my friend, your time has arrived. The word “stash” will be forever etched in your mind, and can soon be found covering your body for the next three years.

10. Water

And a lot of it! Stay hydrated by alternating your alcoholic beverages and H2O. At our O2 Academy venues, you’ll find Life Water – where each one we sell at the bar go to building wells in Africa, so you’re not only helping yourself, but also those in need.

Do not delay! Pack your bags, a new adventure awaits and O2 Academy will be there to provide you with some of the biggest and best events across the country. Don’t miss a thing by signing-up to our mailing list">here.
Good luck on your travels, O2 Academy friends!">">