A Q&A with Fireball Fuelling the Fire O2 Ritz Manchester Finalist - Everyone and Anyone

Posted: Monday 25 September 2017

Congratulations to Everyone and Anyone on beating the competition in Manchester. O2 Academy caught up with them ahead of the Fireball Fuelling The Fire Tour to talk about finding Taking Back Sunday lyrics in fortune cookies and settling the story behind their band name on Judge Rinder once and for all. 

First things first; where’d the name come from? 

Gary: "The way I remember it, is that we were looking at band names and I said Nobody and Nothing would be cool, but it turned out Mark Hoppus had taken the name for something already.  So we were passing ideas back and forth and thought the kinda opposite sounded cool, which was Everyone and Anyone. Rob will probably tell you something different, so I'll see him in court."
Rob: "As I remember it, someone just said it in passing and we were like, 'that sounds cool'. So I guess that's kinda the same, but let's take a band outing to Judge Rinder to get to the bottom of it - let the highest power imaginable decide and there can be no argument. I need closure."

Talk us through your songwriting process – do you have any strange rituals like picking themes out of a hat or from fortune cookies?

Scott: "Not really, but seriously, why aren't we doing that?"
Aaron: "We need to gather up some fortune cookies for ideas - I like it"
Rob: "I once found a Taking Back Sunday lyric in a fortune cookie and tweeted it to them. They retweeted it so that basically makes us family."
Gary: "Like all great things, the songs start out in my bedroom where I'll get an outline of the instruments down and send it to Rob"
Rob: "I'll then have a bash at lyrics, melodies and take a look at the structure. We'll then start demoing some stuff and take it to the rest of the band."
Scott: "When it begins to resemble a song, they send it to me to 'sprinkle my magic' on it (as they call it) and I'll lay down some lead guitar parts. It pretty much goes around to everyone like that until we get the finished result.
Rob: "Then we try to sell it to One Direction and we do the usual back and forth, where they tell us to stop calling and threaten us with legal action"

We know it’s a tough decision, but who’s your favourite band on the bill? 

Aaron: "if I had to choose it would be Anti-Flag, I'm quietly political and like their more aggressive sound"
Scott: "Has to be Reel Big Fish. I remember hearing them for the first time and just thinking it was so mad, it was brilliant"
Rob: "I'm gonna swing for a slightly different answer here boys and go for Sweet Little Machine. I've been jamming 'War' hard in my car lately, so I'm gonna get my pointing finger ready and go full pop punk fanboy when they play it. I'm ready to go."
Gary: "Man, Reel Big Fish all the way. I remember hearing them when I was super young by turning on a music channel called P Rock, who had 'Sell Out' and their 'Take On Me' cover on loop"
Scott: "That cover is so on point"

If you were to win Fireball’s Hottest Band 2018, how would you celebrate it?

Gary: "Probably treat all the boys to a Wetherspoons' and get bevvied. I'd also buy Rob a box of PG Tips and a bath bomb"
Rob: "I'm actually a Yorkshire Tea kinda guy, but I appreciate the gesture. The bath bomb better be from Lush, I don't want no cheap Superdrug's own or anything. It would be a momentous occasion, so the celebration would be real"
Scott: "Yo, I'd quit my job straight up. Nah, but seriously, there'd need to be a night out or party of some kind"
Aaron: "After the inevitable partying, I'd have to get myself a nice earl grey and revisit the Star Wars movies whilst I fantasise about all the sick venues we'd be playing"
Rob: "And people have the audacity to say rock 'n roll is dead."

If you could knock back a shot with any three people (dead or alive), who would it be?

Aaron: "I'd love to knock back a shot with Travis Barker, Kurt Cobain and Gene Krupa, as they're some of my biggest musical influences and they'd no doubt have some pretty cool stories to tell."
Gary: "Tom Delonge hands down! I think he'd get super weird after a handful of shots. Ryan Reynolds, because who wouldn't wanna get messy with Deadpool. Thirdly, and a bit of an odd one, Tina Fey."
Rob: "I'd expect nothing less from you Gary"
Scott: "Hendrix has to be there, he's a massive inspiration to me. Jack Black 100% and my Dad, just because it'd be funny to watch"
Rob: "I don't actually drink alcohol... am I gonna get kicked off the tour? I'll have a shot of Irn Bru, that's what I did when we were recording our last EP in Scotland,  I just like to feel involved"
Mikey: "I'd have Kurt Cobain, Obama and Phil Mitchell. The perfect combination."

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