The Pogues Irish Whiskey Presents: A Shot at Discovery WINNERS Real Life Entertainment

Posted: Wednesday 3 May 2017

After months of competing, hundreds of bands and copious amounts of Pogues Irish Whiskey later, the winner of The Pogues Irish Whiskey Presents: A Shot at Discovery has finally been announced. Amidst the celebrations, we managed to catch up with Real Life Entertainment's Ricky and Jim.

Congratulations! First and foremost – how do you feel having won the entire competition? 

Jim: "We’re all feeling very excited about what’s to come! I don't think we can really believe we’ve been picked over so many great acts nationwide by such major figures in the industry. The whole experience has been incredible for all our friends and families and the support everybody has shown us and the noise they made at the gigs has been second to none, so we’re glad we can give something back to them through achieving such feats."

Ricky: “We’re very pleased. We’re looking forward to recording an EP, we just need to pick what we’re going to do now musically, because we’ve got plenty of material to pick from.

We can imagine that’s the difficult bit - we wish you guys the best of luck. Did you expect the win at all? 

J: "We knew we had a chance after winning the regional heats in Glasgow but on the night anybody could have won it! All the bands were great and when we did win they all congratulated us after."

R: “When we were drawn third [at the finals], we weren’t sure. It all worked out fine in the end though, so we can’t complain.

Exactly, that’s all that matters. How much preparation did the band do ahead of the final? Did you have to write any new material? 

J: "We made a couple of changes during practice, making sure the four-song set we played took priority over writing new material for the fortnight running up to the final. We also focused on finding tones for playing through big amps in a big venue but we didn’t overdo it, we tried to keep it fun and exciting and I think we managed to project that on stage." 

It definitely paid off. How do you think the prize and the title of winning the competition will help you along in terms of your music career?

J: "I think it’s a bit early to say but hopefully it can push us on our way to the top and hopefully we have the songs to help get us there as well. We can’t wait to record this EP and get the ball rolling with Brontone & AMG, We’re a real creative powerhouse at the moment so if that remains the same I can’t see there being much of a problem!"

R: “We're hoping it will also open up more opportunities to work with other people and to meet other artists who we could tour with in the future. Right now, we just want to keep releasing EPs and eventually an album.” 

I’m sure you guys have been celebrating, but I know you had something special planned – you wanted to see Totti’s final game for Roma, is that still the plan?

J: "Ah well, standard capers really, beer and LOUD MUSIC! We’ll be visiting friends and family that weren’t able to make it down as well, I’ll be heading round to see Gran & Grandad tonight to tell them all about it! As for Totti, if there’s any RLE fans from Rome with 5 spare tickets - hit us up!"

Good to hear! Where can we expect to see Real Life Entertainment in the future?

R: “We’re playing the Record Factory in Glasgow on the 5th of May and performing at the Green Room on the 12th of May."

To listen to Real Life Entertainment's EP, Here, find them on Soundcloud.