Meet the O2 Academy Canine Crew

Posted: Wednesday 21 June 2017

It's 'Bring Your Dog To Work Day' and it just wouldn't be right not to introduce you to some of our favourite members of staff: our canine crew!

We believe dogs are the future. Anything we can do, they can do better (but are also basically limited to making noises at varying volumes, fetching things and chasing their tails) so with that in mind, we thought why not employ some of our furry friends to fill several of our most important positions.

Beans & Orla at O2 Institute Birmingham - Social Media Pawssistant & His Muse

Our little Jack Russell, Beans is a whizz when it comes to social media - I mean, just look at the concentration here - and when he's not 'socialising', he's lounging with his girlfriend, Orla. 

Orla doesn’t really hold a job title per se; she’s more of a muse to Beans. Here they are, kicking back on the office sofa - definitely one for Beans' Instagram #squadgoals  

Milo at O2 Academy Leeds - Hound Engineer

Milo's super sense of hearing often helps get the sound just right as he takes charge in the booth to help his owner and Technical Manager, Greg. 

Of course, every hard working employee needs some downtime too and Milo loves spending his discovering music. Must be how he fine tunes his expert skills.

Merlin at O2 Academy Birmingham - Stage Manager

Merlin, also known as the propagorgeous Propa Dog at our Propaganda club nights (try saying that three times fast), knows his stuff. The pup often takes the lead when it comes to setting up the stage and barking at the roadies. 

After he's made sure all the pyrotechnics are safe, backdrops are secured and instruments are tuned, he likes to just stretch out and relax to the max.